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Recorded in October 2008,the CD ends the cycle of the project NOITES DE GALA, SAMBA NA RUA, a year after its tour that covered all regions in Brazil.

When we released the DVD of this project, Biscoito Fino had already asked us to release the live CD.

At first, I was against this idea because when the DVD was recorded (March 2008), there had been very few changes in our performance regarding the CD recorded in the studio. We were the same group, playing the same songs with the same arrangements.
I thought that launching a product that was so similar to the one we had launched the year before didn’t make sense.

Between April and November 2008, our dream came true. We went on a tour that covered 21 cities in all regions in Brazil.
I had fulfilled the dream of being able, for the first time, to take the same show with the same technical team and part of the equipment to so many cities for almost a year.

After a 10-year career, I had the opportunity to kind of “map” the audience that has been gradually formed, without a great commercial exposure.  And what surprised me most was the fact that my work had an audience in many cities I had never been to before, formed in a spontaneous way and with great identification. Brazil, such a big country and with difficult communication (beyond the unilateral reach of television), became a little smaller with this tour and I felt, more than ever, like a “countrywide” artist, not only from the southeast region where I was born, live and work most of the time.
When we were on tour, we performed in the most beautiful theaters of each city, historical theaters where both the artist and the audience feel happy for being there.
We visited the cities, met people and got to know places and, the same way as the show, we ourselves had the opportunity to “unify” Brazil by means of those trips. 

When we returned to Fecap Theater in São Paulo on October 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 2008, there had been considerable musical changes in the show. We had performed the show for more than 80 times in several theaters and other nuances, novelties and more musical property were incorporated into the arrangements, besides having included the song FLOR DA IDADE in the repertoire. Like food that is slowly cooked in a wood-burning stove, the show got the same “flavor” of being well done and that only practice and time can provide.

To our luck, the show on October 3 was recorded and, we were even luckier, well recorded without the need of major changes to be made. It was very musical and reflected exactly our feeling that it had gained musicality during the tour, the trips, after the repetitions, with the different audiences and in the various theaters. When I listened to this recorded show, I finally decided to launch it so that the cycle of the project could be completed and we could share this recording and the maturation of the show.

I thank the musicians of the Pau Brasil group for the partnership, all the team that worked seriously and with love for the success of our tour, the local producers, the press in all the cities where we had shows, the sponsors of the tour (Bradesco Prime), Fecap theater for the place we love and for having recorded the show and Biscoito Fino for all support and beautiful projects.

I thank you all,
Mônica Salmaso

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1. A VOLTA DO MALANDRO Chico Buarque
2. FLOR DA IDADE Chico Buarque
3. VOCÊ, VOCÊ Guinga / Chico Buarque
4. CIRANDA DA BAILARINA Edu Lobo / Chico Buarque
5.  CONSTRUÇÃO Chico Buarque
6. OLHA MARIA Tom Jobim / Vinícius de Moraes / Chico Buarque
7. O VELHO FRANCISCO Chico Buarque
8. BASTA UM DIA Chico Buarque
9. LOGO EU? Chico Buarque
12. BOM TEMPO Chico Buarque
13. PARTIDO ALTO Chico Buarque
14. BEATRIZ Edu Lobo / Chico Buarque
15. MODA DO PAU BRASIL Rodolfo Stroeter

Technical cast

Nelson Ayres (piano)
Paulo Bellinati (acoustic guitars)
Teco Cardoso (sax e flutes)
Rodolfo Stroeter (bass)
Ricardo Mosca (drums)

Mônica Salmaso (voice, flute in “Velho Francisco”,percussion and kalimba)

Produced by Rodolfo Stroeter e Mônica Salmaso
Recorded at the FECAP theatre on October, 03 2008 by Alberto Ranellucci
Mixed at estúdio MOSH
Sound Engineer: Alberto Ranellucci
Studio Assistant: Paulo Penov
Dias 4 e 5 de maio de 2009

Mastering at Classic Master Studio by Carlos Freitas on May 11, 2009
Photos: Mônica Salmaso and Pau Brasil by Dani Gurgel
Graphic project: Marcílio Godoi


BRASIL  -  Gravadora Biscoito Fino

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