Nem 1 ai  - 2008


Mônica Salmaso (voice)
Nailor Proveta (sax e clarinet)
André Mehmari (piano e keyboards)
Rodolfo Stroeter (acoustic bass)
Tutty Moreno (drums)
Toninho Ferragutti (accordion)



Recorded in 2000 by Mônica Salmaso, Biscoito Fino releases Nem 1 Ai, a CD with the participations of Rodolfo Stroeter, Tutty Moreno, André Mehmari, Nailor Proveta and Toninho Ferragutti.

A few a years ago, Monica Salmaso stated that she was capable of walking slowly, only by laying small bricks over small bricks. She was sure at the end she would have a house. The singer was correct. With a simple and dedicated repertoire, always escaping the obvious, the critics were easily swept off their feet. The artist became one of the most acclaimed voices of MPB´s new generation.

Nem 1 Ai is proudly presented by Biscoito Fino as Monica Salmaso´s fifth album, unreleased since 2000, year of its recording, produced by Rodolfo Stroeter and idealized by Mônica Salmaso and Rodolfo Stroeter.

The partnership Mônica/Stroeter has already been responsible for some memorable works in the last few years. Only by Biscoito Fino, two unreleased: Iaiá e Noites de Gala, Samba na Rua, with a Chico Buarque set, and a featured album: Trampolim (1998).

Nem 1 Ai, as described by Stroeter on the album´s sleeve, came to be from an invitation by the musical producer Toy Lima to Mônica Salmaso to prepare an unseen presentation to the Heineken Concerts, São Paulo, 2000. She then took this chance to show one of her trademarks: partnerships with the greatest names in Brazil´s music scene.

She thinks back in all the work she does and how she likes doing it, having all to do with her relationship with other musicians. “(translation: So the idea passed through generations by orchestra crooners, the singer being followed by lead vocals, it is not mine. What we do is we speak the same language. The only thing that separates musicians is their word, sets him apart, perhaps, for him having a word. But doing it with music, that is great”.

And so, that same line was followed at the venue suggested by Toy Lima. After the performance, Mônica and the musicians: Nailor Proveta (sax and clarinet), André Mehmari (piano and keyboards), Rodolfo Stroeter (acoustic bass), Tutty Moreno (drums) e Toninho Ferragutti (accordion) got together to record the CD in two sessions.

The repertoire was kept except for few changes, added to it were Saudades dos Aviões da Panair, Joana Francesa – both arranged by André Mehmari – and Tonada del Cabrestero, a Venezuelan song by Simón Diaz.

In the track list, composers from different generations, styles, and regions were all put together, like Guinga and Aldir Blanc, Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, Dorival Caymmi, Villa-Lobos and Dora Vasconcelos, J. Cascata, Monsueto Menezes and Arnaldo Passos, DP, Rodolfo Stroeter and Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant, Monsueto Menezes and Arnaldo Passos and Chico Buarque.
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1. BATE CANELA Domínio Público
2. KAÔ Rodolfo Stroeter / Gilberto Gil
3.  ESCONJUROS Guinga / Aldir Blanc
4. DERRADEIRA PRIMAVERA Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes
5. LENDA DO ABAETÉ Dorival Caymmi  
7. CAIR DA TARDE Villa-Lobos - Dora Vasconcellos
10. JOANA FRANCESA Chico Buarque
11. MORA NA FILOSOFIA Monsueto Menezes / Arnaldo Passos

Ficha técnica

Idealizado por Mônica Salmaso e Rodolfo Stroeter
Produzido por Rodolfo Stroeter
Gravado dias 8 e 9 de Abril de 2000
Estúdio Mosh por: Alberto Ranellucci
Mixado dias 13, 15, 21 e 23 de Março de 2001
Masterizado dias 13 e 14 de Agosto de 2001
Back Studio por: Alberto Ranellucci / Mônica Salmaso / Rodolfo Stroeter
Arranjo de base:
André Mehmari (em Derradeira Primavera ; Cair da Tarde ; Saudade dos Aviões da Panair ; Joana Francesa e Mora na Filosofia)
Toninho Ferragutti (em Esconjuros)
Fotos e Design gráfico: Marcílio Godoi
Edição de imagens e Montagem: Memo Editorial

Biscoito Fino
Assistente de produção: Isabel

Direção geral: Kati Almeida Braga
Direção artística: Olivia Hime
Coordenação de produção: Joana Hime


BRASIL  -  Gravadora Biscoito Fino / Pau Brasil

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