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Born in São Paulo in 1971, Mônica Salmaso has surfaced as one of the best young voices among the new talents of Brasil.

She started her musical career singing in a "comedy" directed by the award winning Gabriel Villela.

Besides her music studies in São Paulo, Mônica has recorded and performed with important Brazilian artists like Edu Lobo, Eduardo Gudin, José Miguel Wisnik, Marlui Miranda, Guinga, Nelson Ayres and the Jazz Symphonic Orchestra of São Paulo.

She was one of the soloists on the album CANÇÕES DE NINAR by Paulo Tatit and Sandra Peres. The CD won Brasil's "Prêmio Sharp - 95" as Best Recording for Children.

In 1995 she recorded AFRO SAMBAS, a voice and guitar album, arranged and produced by Brazilian guitarist Paulo Bellinati. The CD premiered the complete Afro-Sambas by Baden Powell and Vinícius de Moraes, including the famous Berimbau and Consolação; released in US and Europe by GSP (Guitar Solo Publication) Records.

In the same year, recorded with Paulo Bellinati the song "A Felicidade" by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes for one Brazilian Jobim's song book by Lumiar Records.

In 1997, she was nominated for Prêmio Sharp - 97 as Best New Singer on Brazilian Popular Music with the Cd

In 1998 she recorded her first solo Cd TRAMPOLIM - Pau Brasil Music (in Brazil) and Bluejackel Records (in USA) produced by Rodolfo Stroeter. The cd features some of the most creative musicians in Brazilian contemporary music such as Nana Vasconcelos, Teco Cardoso, Paulo Bellinati, among others.

In May of 1999, Monica Salmaso won the Visa-Mastercard-Eldorado Prize for best singer in Brazil among 1.200 contestants, all over the country. The prize has earned attention over Monica's talent and career, and during august/september 99 she recorded for Eldorado records, her third album.

VOADEIRA is also produced by Rodolfo Stroeter. The album has been qualified by the press, as one of the best releases of 99 in Brazilian Popular Music. "Voadeira" features Marcos Suzano, Benjamim Taubkin, Naylor "Proveta", Toninho Ferragutti and Paulo Bellinati, among others.

Also in 1999 Mônica was awarded as the “best singer” from Brazil. The prize was conceded by APCA – (Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Arte), and it is particularly important as it is given by a poll of the most important Brazilian press community .

Since 1998, Monica also sings with the Orquestra Popular de Câmara - a 12 piece band - that blends the Brazilian musical heritage along with the personal contribution of each one of the renowned soloist of the group.

In 2004, she has released her fourth cd IAIÁ by the label Biscoito Fino (in Brazil), released in USA and Europe by Harmonia Mundi.

Took an important part as a singer in the movie “Vinicius” about the life and work of Vinicius de Morais, directed by Miguel Faria Jr

Took part in the most recent cd recorded by Chico Buarque, "Carioca", singing the song “Imagina” composed by Chico Buarque and Tom Jobim.

eleased in 2007 her 5th cd "Noites de gala, samba na rua" with songs composed by Chico Buarque and the quintet Pau Brasil as special guest.

Took part in the
soundtrack of the coreography SEM MIM composed by José Miguel Wisnick and Carlos Nuñes for the dance Grupo Corpo in 2011.

Released in 2008 her 1st DVD "Noites de gala, samba na rua" with the live concert with the quintet Pau Brasil.

In 2011, released the cd "Alma Lírica Brasileira" (Brazilian Lyric Soul) playing with Teco Cardoso (sax and flutess) and Nelson Ayres (piano) for the label Biscoito Fino.

In 2012,
was awarded as the “best singer” at the 23º Prêmio da Musica Brasileira with the cd Alma Lírica Brasileira.

In 2012 recorded and released her 2nd DVD Alma Lírica Brasileira, directed by Walter Carvalho, and winner of the 24º Prêmio da Musica Brasileira in 2013 as the best music DVD.

In 2014 released the cd "Corpo de Baile", with songs composed by Guinga and Paulo César Pinheiro, for the label Biscoito Fino.


"...she has the best voice I have ever heard in recent years."
- Edu Lobo - composer

"When I listened to Mônica Salmaso for the first time, I was immediately fascinated with her precise and powerful voice, which ranges from low to high with beautiful colors, uniquely her own. Her intonation is naturally perfect, always complimenting her musical interpretations."
- José Miguel Wisnik - composer

"...warm and profound voice, secure in all ranges. She is one of the outstanding vocalists of the nineties. Watch out for this wonderful voice."
- Mauro Dias - journalist from "O Estado de São Paulo" - Brazil

"Salmaso comes from a theatrical background and her various recording projects seem to indicate that she's more of a neo-traditionalist singer than anything else. Her voice is a fluent and beautifully colored instrument."
- Philip Van Vleck

"Salmaso does have an exquisite instrument, a stimulating, acutely precise natural voice with a wide range and huge timbric palette that emits effortlessly. Her vocal style has been admired for its purity of tone, perfect intonation, instrumental concept, and highly refined sense of harmonic climax by some of the most important names in Brazilian music."
- Bruce Gilman - journalist from "Brazzil September 1999 Music " - USA

"Mônica Salmaso is pensive pop as only Brazilians can make it. Her breathy, melting voice is set against just a handful of instruments at a time, making the melodies seem even more cherished."
- Jon Pareles “The New York Times” - February 4, 2000

“Monica Salmaso has a gorgeous, quintessentially Brazilian voice: quietly lustrous and sustained, suffusing each liquid note with languid secrets.”
- Jon Pareles – “The New York Times” – January 15, 2002

“Salmaso's voice is one of the most attractive to arrive from Brazil in recent memory. But beyond her wide vocal range and warm, velvety timbre, she also worked within musical settings that were filled with subtle creative aspects. (...) She is an artist to be watched, one with extraordinary potential.”
- Don Heckman “The LA Times” – September 10, 2002

"She is the most pure singer in Brazil today.(...) Listen to the tonal pattern of her vocal, and you'll realize she is the most intriguing instrumental soloist on this tune."
- PVV - Billboard Magazine - December 04, 2004

"A longtime champion of Brazil’s rich musical culture, Salmaso has garnered rave reviews from those lucky enough to catch one of her infrequent U.S. gigs. Her latest solo CD captures the passion, elegance, and feel of her best live shows. "
Ellen Collison - hemispherical.blogspot.com

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